Golf Industry 2012: 72 Things We Learned!

One of the greatest strengths of the golf industry lies in the passion of those within it. Passion can be reflected in many ways; appearing mostly good and sometimes maybe not as much.  But mostly, I’d say passion is reflected in the pursuit of continual learning.

So here it is, a list compiled via Facebook and Twitter from golf pros around the globe… it’s your “What We Learned” list of 2012!

Below are the unedited responses in the order they were received from the different mediums to the query: “Alright in under 10 seconds what’s the neatest thing you learned this year in the golf industry…. Go!”


1. All things D-Plane
2. AimPoint
3. Plus/minuses in the golf swing
4. Prob @AimPointGolf
5. D-Plane
6. A bit of JORAD at #5SK
7. AimPoint
8. AimPoint
9. Easily @sara_pga 😉
10. D-Plane / AimPoint

11. Do Yoga
12. Flightscope X2
13. Make birdies
14. I do understand big girl golf more than I thought! 🙂
15. D-Plane
16. Graphs = people move
17. The golf world is starting to see the difference between a coach and an instructor
18. Bioswing dynamics
19. Success is a byproduct of your determination. Everything else comes to you once you are willing to have a determined enough drive to be successful.
20. Golf really is fun! #golfisfun

21. AimPoint and D-Plane
22. INDARE with Greg Liberto 
23. Ball flight laws with Mario Bevilacqua
24. That kids are more interested in having FUN than learning FUNdamentals!
25. We all disagree a lot 😀
26. Belly putters are awesome
27. $250 mil???! Nike? I gotta start playing better!
28. Attending continuing education, a growth mindset, keeps my teaching creative and reaffirms what I do well… can’t put into words what I’ve learned this year but I’m putting it to use creatively 6/days/week on the lesson tee… and the friendships I’ve made with other pros, originating on social media, are cherished–looking fwd to seeing many people again soon ..PGA Show
29. Training kids in different athletic skills before golf specific focus
30. Top teachers are not top professionals when technique is challenged!

31. The 39th ranked player on PGA Tour money list made over 2 million dollars this year.
32. Keeping it simple makes a difference, a BIG difference!
33. AimPoint
34. Less is more.
35. There are a lot of great instructors out there that have helped me become better through Facebook. Thanks all for being open to giving.
36. Spin loft
37. Stack and Tilt baby
38. Rick Jensen’s Coaching Certification in Jan. Loved every minute. I learned a ton!
39. US Kids Golf certification AND SNAG certifications…. both were invigorating!
40. To get kids you have to go to where they are..

41. Customers love to know their yardages with GPS watches but they expect the younger generation to teach them how to use all the high tech golf gadgets.
42. I’d say US Kids Golf Certification (DO IT!!) and being a part of the Proponent Group (formerly GBN, Formerly AMF). Lorin Anderson has made it better than ever and it is an incredible resource for learning.
So much learning … & many new friends in 2012… 10 sec too short! Manuel de la Torre seminar – 13th time I’ve attended & got to sit next to him at dinner following seminar. 91 yrs young & still energized to teach & assist all of us pros!! Inspiring!!… TPI WGFS-amazing, USKG Certif-Super, LPGA Workshops at PGA Show & Proponent seminars at PGA Show.. & so much more… & getting to hang out with old & new friends… Thanks all
43. Gear effect has a major effect on almost every golf shot!
44. Level 2 K-vest. Amazing stuff!
45. TPI Level 2
46. Back to the future.
47. I need to keep learning! D-plane, 3-D you name it. Always something new.
48. Negative Alpha torque.
49. Centeredness of contact is a really big deal and it is quite elusive for most people and almost never suspected!
50. Linking the 3Ds together

51. I’m glad I don’t play competitively anymore, these young guys are too long and too good.
52. Vision 54 is under taught and not talked about enough.
53. How rewarding it is to watch juniors learn and enjoy the game I’ve loved for over forty years.
54. Awareness is curative and developmental.
55. D plane, Correct ball flight laws, TrackMan….
56. How to play to learn with kids
57. Purchased FlightScope!
58. AimPoint, D Plane , Centredness of contact, putting biomechanics etc….list goes on!
59. Agree about Vision 54….need to teach people to be the best version of themselves.
60. AimPoint

61. Understanding and the application of the D-Plane + ball flight + the result from Trackman makes playing golf easier. 
62. When working with kids, give them less and have them more but make DO fun.
63. Clean language and how important it is to use with yourself and your students. Quiet eye is where accuracy comes from.
64. Having a clear intent and knowing where your target is in space is a must.
65. No matter how much technology I learn to use, or books that I read, the object of the game is still simply to get the ball in the hole in as a few strokes as possible, no matter how you do it.
66. In a nutshell… The more one studies, experiments, tests and researches the golf swing, coaching, training, fitness, mental aspects and playing the game you gain a new level of competency but one soon realizes what you don’t know…it’s an endless journey. And personally specifically. The value of AimPoint in green reading.
67. AimPoint
68. Deliberate Practice, External focus of attention, Desirable Difficulties..Coaching over Teaching. WSCoG.
69. Speed/handle Variations in bunker/wedge play
70. Doing another golf school with Ed Bowe.He’s a Master at Diagnosis and leading a student down the road to improvement!
71. The older I get, the better I used to be!
72. Establish a developmental program and follow it with your students.

Thank you kindly to everyone who participated; grateful to learn from you all. Feel free to add to the list below in the comments section!
Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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