20 Twitter Accounts You’re Not Following, But Should Be – PGA.com

20 Twitter Accounts You’re Not Following, But Should Be – John Kim Excerpt: “Sara Dickson – (The Stanwich Club (Conn.)/Stonebridge Club (Naples, Fla)) – One of my favorite Twitter stories. Young pro who graduated with no full-time job, no computer, no tv. Used her smartphone and Twitter to network and learn the business side of golf. Now[…]

Featured Post: Improving Impact and Lowering Scores with Sara Dickson

Hope everyone is doing well and having a nice winter! Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of Ricky Lee Pott’s interview series.  I would like to thank Ricky for thinking of me as well as highlight some of the other golf pro interviews that he has conducted throughout the last year.  Ricky does a[…]

Golf Industry 2012: 72 Things We Learned!

One of the greatest strengths of the golf industry lies in the passion of those within it. Passion can be reflected in many ways; appearing mostly good and sometimes maybe not as much.  But mostly, I’d say passion is reflected in the pursuit of continual learning. So here it is, a list compiled via Facebook[…]

A Lesson Learned: Beat a buried lie (PGA.com)

Congrats to Keegan Bradley and JJ Henry who took home trophies yesterday while playing in their respective tour events! As we head into the PGA Championship week at Kiawah, I had the opportunity to reflect on Keegan’s win at the WGC Bridgestone.  Those of you who caught the telecast saw Keegan get up and down[…]