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Golf & Life: 3 Things I Learned About Being a Novice

Over the past 3 months, I’ve been in and out of different physical therapy offices while progressing from ACL surgery.  Like everyone reading this, we’ve all had to learn something new at some point.  In this case, it’s preparing for and learning how to properly walk, bike, climb stairs, jog, etc.  There’s also the learning of how […]

Drills For Skills 2

Practice: 5 Favorite Drills (No Major Assembly Required)

Hi, all! Hope this finds you doing well.  Today’s topic has to do with effective practice drills without major assembly. Whether you’re someone who has limited time to practice, or want to prescribe drills for students to easily do on their own, the following list includes some of my favorites for teaching and practicing.  These […]


Dear Tiger, (An Open Letter to Tiger Woods)

Dear Tiger, I look forward to seeing you soon. Below, please see our itinerary. (1) I know you’ve been through a whirlwind the last 5 years.  So first, we’re going to go on 5 amusement park rides, including the merry-go-round.  We’ll wave to people and throw rings at the clown’s mouth.  If you get one […]

GRAA Title

Golf Range Magazine MARCH 2014: For Women Learning Golf, A Place to Be Themselves

  Recent video regarding women’s clinics ideas! For Women Learning Golf, A Place to Be Themselves  


20 Twitter Accounts You’re Not Following, But Should Be –

20 Twitter Accounts You’re Not Following, But Should Be – John Kim Excerpt: “Sara Dickson – (The Stanwich Club (Conn.)/Stonebridge Club (Naples, Fla)) – One of my favorite Twitter stories. Young pro who graduated with no full-time job, no computer, no tv. Used her smartphone and Twitter to network and learn the business side of golf. Now […]

Mirror Drill

“Mirror, Mirror” – The Met Golfer EXTRA August 2013

Mirror, Mirror by Sara Dickson


Golf: Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (OK, Just the 1st One Today)

Just a quick rainy day post. There are a lot of ideas from a lot of different teachers regarding what is beneficial, acceptable, detrimental, and useful in the golf swing.  One of those hot topics is the role of the head in the golf swing and whether or not it should move in an effective […]

Improving Impact and Lowering Scores With Sara Dickson

Featured Post: Improving Impact and Lowering Scores with Sara Dickson

Hope everyone is doing well and having a nice winter! Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of Ricky Lee Pott’s interview series.  I would like to thank Ricky for thinking of me as well as highlight some of the other golf pro interviews that he has conducted throughout the last year.  Ricky does a […]