Featured Post: Improving Impact and Lowering Scores with Sara Dickson


Hope everyone is doing well and having a nice winter!

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of Ricky Lee Pott’s interview series.  I would like to thank Ricky for thinking of me as well as highlight some of the other golf pro interviews that he has conducted throughout the last year.  Ricky does a number of interviews on a variety of different genres. These are really neat ways to get to know people and Ricky does his homework well; his questions help people shine in the interview.  There are many more valuable and entertaining interviews on his webiste as well.  If you wish to read them, go to his website and search “Golf Interviews”… that’s what I did =).

Ricky’s Interview with Sara_PGA:  Improving Impact And Lowering Scores With Sara Dickson

You probably will see a theme of connecting via Twitter throughout all of the interviews on Ricky’s site.  It’s just one small example of the power of Twitter. If you are new to Twitter, just keep tweeting.  And if you feel lost, download Ricky’s e-book, Twitter is Not a Chat, and… just keep tweeting.

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2 thoughts on “Featured Post: Improving Impact and Lowering Scores with Sara Dickson

  • Is this really MY daughter, all grown up? Mom is so proud of you honey. You’ve got so much going for you. A solid role model for Will. Don’t ever change. Remember your roots. It gives you perspective. Most of all, keep smiling. Others depend on it…. even me.
    Love yous!

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