Video Quick Tip: Bundle Up! Golfing in Cooler Temperatures

Hi all, Hope you’re getting a chance to work on your golf in some capacity this winter, wherever you may be! We in Naples, FL have experienced a cooler winter – about 15-20* colder than average.  While “colder” is a relative term, golfers who have early or late tee times, or who play on the more[…]

Video Quick Tip: Smash Your Hybrids

Hi all, Hope your 2016 is off to a good start! Here’s a quick tip from Mark Durland and myself to help you hit your hybrids and fairway woods more consistently this year.  In this video, you’ll see how using a tee can in turn help you hit the ball off the ground. Have a great[…]

7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – Junior Edition Showcase

Thank you those of you who tuned in to Twitter to see the 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – Junior Edition last week! In case you missed it, below are the YouTube videos in the order they appeared. This time the Twitter Academy team focused on information pertinent to juniors and teaching junior golfers.  Please leave[…]

7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – Junior Edition!

Hi everyone! Hope all is well and I hope you’ve been hitting fairways and sinking putts. If you recall, the 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy team made their debut last December.  The week featured seven different instructional videos featuring golf professionals from across the globe. This week the team presents the Junior Edition… and it begins[…]

Changing Knee Flexion and its Effects in the Backswing

Hope everyone is doing well! I had a few minutes the other day to film a video on a topic that’s been of some discussion recently. There are some great threads online talking about the role of knee flexion and its effects in the backswing.  Therefore, from my own experience teaching, reading and talking with golfers I[…]