Week In Review: 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy

This past week on Twitter you saw seven nights of golf instruction from seven different PGA and CPGA teaching professionals.  In case you missed it I have arranged the episodes below in the order in which they aired during the week.  Feel free to review those links or catch up on any you may have missed.  I[…]

Video: 4 Minutes for All Golfers (and People)

            Sometimes I like to post blogs about things I learned.  Sometimes I post about golf training aids, books, or movies.  Sometimes about golf technique and tournaments.  But today I found a video about something that we sometimes forget. We all know how similar golf and life are; sometimes we narrow our perspective and forget[…]

Video: Golf Stretches for Good Impact (Golf is Fun Part II)

As the PGA Tour Playoffs begin and the school busses start making their routes again, I’d like to hope we all can look back on the summer and recall some great moments while practicing or on the golf course. In looking back on my junior golf, college golf, and now work experiences, I vividly remember some[…]