7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – Junior Edition Showcase

Thank you those of you who tuned in to Twitter to see the 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – Junior Edition last week! In case you missed it, below are the YouTube videos in the order they appeared. This time the Twitter Academy team focused on information pertinent to juniors and teaching junior golfers.  Please leave[…]

7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – Junior Edition!

Hi everyone! Hope all is well and I hope you’ve been hitting fairways and sinking putts. If you recall, the 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy team made their debut last December.  The week featured seven different instructional videos featuring golf professionals from across the globe. This week the team presents the Junior Edition… and it begins[…]

Week In Review: 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy

This past week on Twitter you saw seven nights of golf instruction from seven different PGA and CPGA teaching professionals.  In case you missed it I have arranged the episodes below in the order in which they aired during the week.  Feel free to review those links or catch up on any you may have missed.  I[…]

Tweet Time! 7 Nights At The Twitter Academy

Hello golfers, Just a little preview for an exciting week coming up in the Twitterverse.  Seven instructors including project developer and host Jason Helman will air seven different golf instructional videos from December 12th – 18th at 8pm each night. One catch! It’s the Twitter Academy so you must be on Twitter to view the videos during the[…]