7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – Junior Edition!

Hi everyone!

Hope all is well and I hope you’ve been hitting fairways and sinking putts.

If you recall, the 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy team made their debut last December.  The week featured seven different instructional videos featuring golf professionals from across the globe.

This week the team presents the Junior Edition… and it begins tonight at 8PM!

I love the camaraderie, team work, learning and sharing that takes place year round amongst golf professionals. Weeks like these are special because they highlight those mutual efforts.

A big thank you goes to Jason Helman who is our project coordinator.

The schedule for this week is as follows:

May 14th, Day 1 – Jason Helman – Full Swing

May 15th, Day 2 – Dennis Sales – TPI Fitness & Outside Sports

May 16th, Day 3 – Megan Padua & Aaron Olson – Wedge Game & Junior Fitting Importance

May 17th, Day 4 – Rob McGill – Bunker Shots

May 18th, Day 5 – Jason Sutton – On Course Playing

May 19th, Day 6 – Sara Dickson – Games & Drills

May 20th, Day 7 – John Graham – Putting, Neuro Learning & Junior Skill Development/Acquisition

We’re all excited! I hope you’re ready… here comes 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – Junior Edition!


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