Week In Review: 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy

This past week on Twitter you saw seven nights of golf instruction from seven different PGA and CPGA teaching professionals.  In case you missed it I have arranged the episodes below in the order in which they aired during the week.  Feel free to review those links or catch up on any you may have missed.  I must say a big thank you to project coordinator Jason Helman as well as the other participants; what a special week with great information.  I am grateful to be a part of the team and for the continued opportunity to learn from these first-class people and outstanding teachers.  Much enjoyed!

Monday, December 12th: Rob McGill

Tuesday, December 13th: Jason Helman

Wednesday, December 14th: Sara Dickson

Thursday, December 15th: Jason Sutton

Friday, December 16th: Andrew Marr

Saturday, December 17th: Kirk Oguri

Sunday, December 18th: Dennis Sales 

If you have any questions or comments on these topics, feel free to comment below and/or contact myself or any of the other participants.   
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