The Good, Bad, Old, and New

I am a very moderate person and tend to have at the very least empathy for different viewpoints and opinions.  But that does not mean moderate people do not filter through to find what is right and what is wrong. Today, I wrote on a topic that has been on my mind since hearing about a situation that negatively affected people doing their part to promote correct information.

The Good, Bad, Old, and New:

When something is improved upon for the better and therefore is viewed as good, it often turns the view of that initial something to old, obsolete, and… bad. Now, to be fair, the new and improved something certainly should remain good.  To also be fair, the only reason the new something emerged as good is because of the initial something… which is now… bad.

But that is as it should be.  It is not to say the person or people behind the initial something is bad.  It is just that the something provided ground for progress, and that progress has occurred. Once something is truly improved upon and proven to be for good, that should then become the status quo… regardless of some instinct of safety to cling to the familiar past. This is how progress occurs.

The old and obsolete something can certainly remain; but only as a reference as to why the newer something contains more good.  The old something could certainly be used, but with the availability of something better, some sort of trade-off of efficiency or performance would take place.

An example of this would be….. well there are not actually many examples of this something.  Most things like opinions and preferences are just that; variables.  So to be categorized as pertaining to this post, this something is of higher degree. It must be viewed as a law.

Laws relate to something that so far as known, is invariable under certain conditions.  It makes sense then that if a law is proven incorrect, then the something that proved it incorrect should become and be promoted as the status quo.  Not by choice, but by the intrinsic desire for overall genuine progress.  At first it may not be easy, but trying to get the wrong information to work correctly is much harder.

Note: This post contains the author’s viewpoint.  The author is grateful to those who have uncovered and promoted educational information. She herself would not have known of said information if it were kept in dark, secret caves. This post has nothing to do with religion or politics.  Unless golf ball flight laws are included in those categories.

Confused? Questions? Ask them.  Promote them. That’s the first step as to how progress occurs.


5 thoughts on “The Good, Bad, Old, and New

  • In the world of science, all “natural laws” were tilted or turned on their side as the “discovery and illumination’ of quantum physics drew into focus. The upshot is this: Absolutism is a dangerous position to defend – and stifles human growth. Sara, what side of the ball does a club-face make contact first, in order to draw the ball? (Assume a target line is aimed to the right of the target to accommodate a right to left curve). Is it the “inside” or the “outside” of the ball, based on the initial launch?

    • Hi Joe, thanks for reading & sharing with us! Path will always be a very important component in allowing the desired face angle; for that right to left draw I picture it would touch the inside.

  • Good post Sara,

    Last time I checked the ball flight laws are nondenominational. 🙂
    I agree that It is important to respect the past but equally important to push forward to a better, clearer understanding of what is truly going on in a golf swing. I look forward to what science will bring us…….(4D impact….)

  • Sara_PGA,

    Great job of putting a great perspective on the said subject. You did a great job of describing the evolution of Laws. Your words were thoughts that I was thinking only different and jumbled up. So now I shall provide my review comment for the The Good, Bad, Old, and New, ” …What she said!” Sara_PGA is exactly right. Until a new perspective comes along…..(Just kidding, lol) Really great, job and thanks for sharing!

    Rob McGill

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