Golf Industry 2012: 72 Things We Learned!

One of the greatest strengths of the golf industry lies in the passion of those within it. Passion can be reflected in many ways; appearing mostly good and sometimes maybe not as much.  But mostly, I’d say passion is reflected in the pursuit of continual learning. So here it is, a list compiled via Facebook[…]

SD on TrackMan: Ball Flight Snapshot Explained

This past summer I was able to spend a few hours on TrackMan thanks to Joe Bosco at The Glen in Glenview, IL. I took a particular screenshot with my phone because it sparked some questions in my mind that relate to what influences the golf ball’s starting direction and curvature. See picture featured above.[…]

Tech Tuesday: iPhone Apps for a Non-App-Junkie

Happy Tech Tuesday! With the idea suggested to me by @spydieshooter on Twitter, I have listed my favorite Apps below.  I am not an App junkie; these are the barebones that make it back every time I have to restore or get a new phone (sometimes I drop mine… a lot).  I find these very user-friendly[…]