Sara Dickson in’s Learning Golf thru Twitter Article

Those who know me often joke that it’s easier to reach me via Twitter than any other medium.  I am fortunate to be connected to with a great group of people and golf professionals on Twitter.  Below is an article by PGA Magazine’s John Kim featuring John Graham, Kirk Oguri, and myself about how and why we use[…]

Tech Tuesday: iPhone Apps for a Non-App-Junkie

Happy Tech Tuesday! With the idea suggested to me by @spydieshooter on Twitter, I have listed my favorite Apps below.  I am not an App junkie; these are the barebones that make it back every time I have to restore or get a new phone (sometimes I drop mine… a lot).  I find these very user-friendly[…]

#GolfProMigration Tips 1-10 (via @Sara_PGA on Twitter)

This post is for those of you who will at some time be making the trip south for the winter.  I took some notes after carefully studying how birds migrate.  I then, through matrix overlay and analysis procedures, translated those tips into ones applicaple for golf pros.  Below, find #GolfProMigration Tips 1-10.  All tips conform into a 140 character Tweet.  Just[…]