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Hello and welcome!

Throughout the past year, I have had the pleasure of being introduced to some spectacular blogs.  Links via Twitter and Facebook have certainly increased the “voice range” for bloggers and made sharing an ease.  The usefulness of blogging is apparent, both as a medium for discussion and as a medium to present and receive information.  Some of the first successful examples I saw in the social media realm started with John Graham (JohnGrahamGolf), Ricky Lee Potts (RickyLeePotts), and Jason Sutton (OnPlaneGolf). 

Amongst many others, these gentlemen are examples of successful social media users.  My network and sphere of information grew drastically due to following their work, as well as of those people to whom I was subsequently led.  I currently can be found on Twitter and Facebook but have decided to take a step into the blogosphere.

My primary interests fall into golf instruction and golf swing research.  However, like any system, there are many components towards producing success.  If lowering golf scores is our goal for our “system”, then swing technique is just one of the numerous attributes that make up a complete golfer.  Therefore, this blog will contain a variety of different topics and experiences relating in one way or another to the game of golf.

Goal for what this blog will be:  A place for sharing ideas, information, experiences, and opinions.

What the blog will not be:  A one-way street.

I view this blog as an opportunity to present thoughts, experiences, and questions, and to receive the same in return.  Learning, networking, and learning through networking continue to be at the forefront of what I seek to do.

I am watching and learning as I go.  It’s wonderful to have you here.

Have a great day.


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