Tech Tuesday: iPhone Apps for a Non-App-Junkie

Happy Tech Tuesday! With the idea suggested to me by @spydieshooter on Twitter, I have listed my favorite Apps below.  I am not an App junkie; these are the barebones that make it back every time I have to restore or get a new phone (sometimes I drop mine… a lot).  I find these very user-friendly and useful.  I use each of them very frequently. Let me know which other ones you find particularly entertaining or useful too.
*Note: These do not include the standard Apps that come on the iPhone like Weather, Mail,  iTunes, Notes, Maps, etc.

1. TWC The Weather Channel
I’m a golf pro. That basically means part-time meteorologist.  This one is free and has decent live radar.

2.  V1 Golf and iSwing (Swing Analysis)
Swing Analyiss.  V1 I like for the Pro Models.  iSwing I find easier to import, email & trim videos.

3.  Twitter
Duh.  When I don’t answer my phone, my friends Tweet me.  They’re so smart =)

4.  WordPress
Blogger’s delight.

5.  Pandora
For when you don’t have a CD player or XM in your car.

6.  Google (including inside apps) and with a quick bookmark to Live Golfstat Scoring
Fun to keep tabs on collegiate players, the alma mater, etc.  Sometimes, it’s also fun to scroll the globe.

7. PGA Tour and LPGA
Who’s leading?

8.  Evernote
I recently downloaded this.  It’s like a walking, digital sticky-note of ideas, pictures, or random thoughts to remember that syncs between your computer, Twitter, and phone.  I know.  And Houdini is not required during set-up.

9.  AimPoint (Green-Reading System – Mobile)
Mobile Chart, instructional videos, and tips. #makeeverything

10.  HeyTell
For the hands-free text or hilarious situation that the plain text message simply won’t capture with full justice.

Leave a comment and let me know the ones I am missing out on!  If you find this information useful, please feel free to share it using the social media buttons below.  Have a great day.


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