New Golf Ball Flight Laws (via New England Golf Monthly Magazine)

I recently had an article published in the New England Golf Monthly magazine on what have the “New Ball Flight Laws” in golf.  You can view the article by going here and clicking over to page 20.  I am grateful to be a recipient of good information from those who research and share it as well as for the opportunity to pass it along.  Let me know if you have any questions or comments regarding this topic.  If you find this information useful, please feel free to also share it using the social media buttons provided.
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5 thoughts on “New Golf Ball Flight Laws (via New England Golf Monthly Magazine)

  • There has been an attempt (Lord knows for what reason) to discredit the Ball Flight Laws in the PGA Teaching Manual and propose what is being called “New Ball Flight Laws.” The claim is that the original Ball Flight Laws in the PGA Manual were incorrect because they had the ball starting on the Path of the swing not the Face position. Of course the starting line will always be a combination of both with the greater influence coming from the Face, just as it says on page 34 of the PGA Manual. Much of this discreditation came from some noted teacher trying to prop up their status. I would guess that was then transferred to Trackman, a company who make a fine tool to measure several elements of club/ball contact and result. Actually the PGA Manual had it right 15 years before Trackman did. Their equipment and research provides additional information that was not available in 1990 when the Manual was published, but none of it makes the original ball flight laws invalid. PATH OF THE SWING… FACE POSITION AT IMPACT… SPEED (which in scientific terms is velocity)… CENTEREDNESSS (indicating that balls fly differently when struck on the face in places other than the center of percussion)… and ANGLE OF APPROACH OR ANGLE OF ATTACK. Please stop promoting NEW BALL FLIGHT LAWS…because there are none. Only additional information on the old ones. Gary Wiren, PhD author of the PGA Teaching Manual.

    • Dr. Wiren,
      I very much thank you for the comment here; yes I do recall the image on page 34 actually (very odd & random memory I have) where the ball started in between the path and face angles. I apologize to you as my stance is not saying and never said that the PGA Manual is wrong, more so that it has unfortunately been taught a bit differently than you accurately wrote. In fact, it is presented differently on some tests and checkpoints. My particular interest in the subject arose when I heard of PGA Pros losing students because the students had heard on television from commentators opposing info than what their teachers were instructing. This opposing info was that path started and face curved. I have often referred the recent idea as Enhanced instead of New; just like you pointed out when saying there is simply additional information. I was careful not to mention the PGA because of this. I now understand the title of New Ball Flight Laws can be misleading; I am guessing the additional understanding behind the laws prompted this new title amongst the golf world. I appreciate your comment here. It was a pleasure meeting you last summer in Chicago, I still remember your advice of being a specialist and a great putter. Thank you Dr. Wiren.

  • Dr Wiren,

    If I may ask you a question. It seems quite clear from reading the manual that what you are saying is accurate. Were you aware that the PGA of America was teaching the opposite of what was in your manual? It seems strange to me that this subject was taught incorrectly for so many years by the PGA of America and yet you remained quiet. There’s no question that you were correct as many others were before you but why didn’t you ask the PGA to correct this mistake? I would love to hear your input on this matter.

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  • Dr. Wiren,
    I am going to start with the fact that Sara couldnt have been more right reagrding the ball flight laws. She did not hate on you or the PGA by any means. As a former PGM student, I was under the strong impression for years after looking at the 9 ball flights diagram (PAGE 33) that path started the ball and then face created spin at the end of the flight. Just like the diagram shows. I was confused after looking at PAGE 34’s image because it did not match up with the following definitions of path and face or the ball flight diagram on PAGE 33. This diagram illustrates path starting and face curving even if the surrounding manual language is neutral enough to now argue. The diagram is what we were taught to study and learn and teach.
    Additionally, after working 5 years in a club repair and demo store, I found the NEW ball flight laws to be more accurate. I am curious to as if you really wrote this comment, seeing as how someone with a PHD wouldn’t talk in circles and contradict oneself on numerous occasions.

  • Sara,


    GARY – Why wait till now to correct all the years of poor teaching… because you thought the same.

    Bye Sara, see you on twitter!

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