List: Describing the Golf Swing

I recently asked the question, “If you were to describe the golf swing to someone who had never seen a golf club or golf swing before, what would you say?” on some different areas both on Facebook and Twitter.

I received many impressive answers – all stemming from a variety of different people of all different golfing levels and experience.  So impressive, in my opinion, that I wished to share them here in a list. (Perhaps posts on the Internet are technically public information, but I have listed these anonymously with regards and respect to anyone who may not have wished to have their name publicly posted.)

Simply copied in the order in which they appeared:

1)  To someone who has been to an amusement park: Take a Ferris Wheel and a Merry-go-round and blend them together – you get a tilt-a-whirl…
2)  to swing on an arc : )
3)  Circle tilted on an axis
4)  clubhead swings in a big circle the bigger the circle the more power created then at some point on a later day explain the straight line at the bottom of the circle
5)  I like to start with my beginners using Homer Kelley’s down the line version. Standing in a roof of a house, the shaft always staying on the roof and one end pointed at the gutter. I have found it very easy to understand for my community education groups…
6)  A backwards C
7)  Around and up, down and around. Spiral staircase
8)  Shoulder turning under your chin going back and shoulder turning under your chin coming through
9)  Take the broom from you kitchen and swing it to just brush the grass in front of you…
10)  Tilt-a-whirl
11)  up & around
12)  a tilted over hoola hoop
13)  ask them what they think it should look like… they may know already
14)  A circle on its side.  Or two swings with a whoosh in the middle!
15)  It’s a circle on a tilted axis
16)  a circle around the shoulders. (even thought it is not the correct shape) At least is helps visualize what it looks like
17)  Make a baseball swing, then bend over so it hits the ground in front of you
18)  description must be appropriate for the golfer

For some, there is a time and a place to dive more deeply into the golf swing, but most interesting to me was the conciseness of these answers listed above.  (I guess it does help that those who answered via Twitter were limited to 140 characters =) ).  However, the variety of verbiage and images in this list reminded me that we cannot simply place a thought in someone else’s mind – instead the words, images, and feelings we use create the avenue in which we can communicate that thought.  The last answer, “description must be appropriate for the golfer”, certainly reflects this.  The “A-Ha!” moments sometimes occur when the same thought is being conveyed in a different way – as exemplified by this list.  To those who provided answers, thank you, it is a privilege to be able to learn from you all.

Readers, what would you add to this list?  What is your favorite description?

Have a great day.

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