It’s May and there is Golf to Play!

It’s May. Say good-bye to the April showers and welcome the flowers. Also welcome the start of 5 months that all golfers should be aware of: the beginning of the USGA Championships. While the first of the 15 USGA Championships begin in early June, qualifying for these events start within the next few weeks. The schedule of USGA Championships can be found here: USGA Championship Schedule.

The Florida golf season also winds down in May as many people head back north. And in doing so, members have been dropping off articles of interest in my mailbox as they head home. One of the last ones I received was written by Roland Merullo titled Teeing off in defense of golf (click link to read). The message echoed in this article illustrates why golf is such a special game in terms of the character it reveals and requires. Merullo also addresses a sentiment that golf is a sport solely for persons of elite economic status. He provides personal experience recalling his “working-class kid” upbringing that still allowed him to play and appreciate golf.

I encourage you to read this article as it relays nicely why the USGA Championship Series is so special as well. The USGA Series in essence allows any golfer (in the designated handicap index range, depending on the championship) the opportunity to qualify and compete in their respective championship. The stories that emerge out of championships like these are a primary reason why the events exist. They are not always the stories of a complete underdog coming out of the woodwork to win the US Open; however, there are many individual success stories. Golfers may advance through local qualifying for the first time, shoot a personal best score, or most importantly embrace the opportunity to compete, thus expressing their love of golf in that manner.

Maybe a USGA event is not something you wish to enter this year. However, maybe it’s a goal for the future. Entering a local tournament, club championship, or joining a group/league could be your “US Open”. Progress and confidence increase when we partake in something in which we are tested. The good thing is, failure is not an option – for these tests are simply wonderful opportunities to express what you like to do. You just might meet some nice people along the way too. As Merullo says, “Golf humbles, maybe that’s why certain people avoid and mock it… It is best to leave your pride at home, which might be the reason I’ve met so many fine people on the course — working class, middle class, and wealthy.”

See you on the 1st tee.

Readers, what is your favorite personal tournament experience?
Do you feel playing in tournaments or leagues have helped your golf game?

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4 thoughts on “It’s May and there is Golf to Play!

  • Hi, I definitely think playing in league golf/tournament golf helps your game. The more competitive golf you play, the easier it is to “get it done” so to speak. There is nothing better than experiencing the pressure of a competitive situation, and coming through it based on previous experience. This experience enables you to deal with pressure full stop, whether it is golf or not. Remove sport, and replace with an interview as an example; a pressure situation. Stay calm by slowing your breathing down, go through you pre rehearsed answers to the questions you are expecting, breathe again and answer with precision when the situation comes – its all basically the same.

  • Sara,

    I love reading your articles.

    It helps to remind to step back from the physics and geometry I tend to find myself studying and reengage with the game.

    I thank you very much for that.


    • JG, thank you very much! Funny, I write these articles for a similar reason – to keep the broader idea of golf in perspective. (Although the geometry tends to be on my mind too =) )
      Always enjoy reading your articles, thank you for sharing with us! Have a great day.

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