Here It Is… The AimPoint Green-Reading Quiz!

Hello everyone,

Here’s a quick quiz about putting created by AimPoint Green-Reading inventor Mark Sweeney.

I will be honest, it is not very easy… I got a score of 80 on the first try which is in the top 5%.  However, the questions are really good and they will remind you about certain variables to keep in mind when you putt.  Let me know how you do!

AimPoint Green-Reading Quiz

Make Everything,


6 thoughts on “Here It Is… The AimPoint Green-Reading Quiz!

  • I scored 47. However, for a high-handicapper, putting is one of my stronger areas. I just can’t get to the green quick enough to take advantage of it. Interesting quiz!

  • This is cool. I scored a 60% but was not far off on the questions about time and slope… The first question killed me! This was a really fun test and it reminds me that test taking, and learning in general is FUN! Wouldn’t it be cool is kids at school were excited to take tests? How do we get the curriculum at school to mirror these “fun to take” little quizzes?

  • 53! Good thing I am going to an AimPoint clinic Sat conducted by Sweeney himself. I need all the help I can get.

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