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It is really quite amazing the way life works out sometimes.  For the past two years since being out of college I have truly enjoyed working at golf courses, teaching golf, coaching golf, and learning as much as I could about those topics.  I’m very grateful to experience such a joy and to call it ‘work.’  Interestingly, within the past few weeks this feeling kept occuring that was telling me to look for ways to not just learn about and help peoples’ golf swings but to also learn more about and help something bigger in world.

Like many experiences in my life, I have come to believe things do happen for a reason – and a good reason at that.  Just two of the many instances of this would be when I hurt my knee at the end of high school and got rejected from my ‘dream’ college after getting unofficial indications of being accepted.  These turned into the biggest blessings in disguise as I followed my heart to pursue college golf (after being injured college basketball was a bit more improbable) and golf management at Methodist University.  I look back and am so glad it unfolded as it did. 

Now currently, just when I was struggling with how I could possibly act on this feeling of helping a bigger part of the world, I learned about project From Trash to Cash.  This certainly feels like a step in the right direction. 

I’d like to tell you about a team that I have joined called 50.4.Haiti.  My friend and old college classmate Jeff Pelletier is a Program Manager at the non-profit organization Executives Without Borders. They have launched a new program, From Trash to Cash, in Haiti that creates sustainable jobs and businesses around plastic recycling.  I am excited to give back and join Jeff and 48 others in a grassroots fundraising campaign to support From Trash to Cash!

In the wake of the 2010 Earthquake in Haiti Executives Without Borders identified a major problem. The canals are clogged with plastic. As heavy rains pour into clogged canals, bacteria and cholera infected water pours out. With their corporate partners, they established a framework to create local franchises across the country that create jobs collecting, crushing and transporting plastic to a Haitian owned and operated recycling business in Port-au Prince.

From Trash to Cash will create thousands of well paying, sustainable jobs, help the environment and reduce the spread of disease. We can once again reveal Haiti’s beauty and make it an attractive place for foreign investment and tourism.  

I wanted to share with you about this topic and invite you to help Haiti move forward. 

For a full overview of From Trash to Cash click here.  

To view Executives Without Borders video “Haiti-What is Needed Now” see below.

To view Jeff’s video that shows Haiti’s canals during a rainstorm see below.

My personal fundraising goal is $250.  I would really appreciate any contribution that you would be able to make. All contributions go to Executives Without Borders, a registered 501 (c)(3)  non-profit organization. All contributions are tax-deductible and will support Executives Without Borders work in Haiti.

 Ways to Contribute:

1.  Contribute online to my personal fundraising page. Please follow this link to my page  or my specific project page here and click the big orange “Donate” buttons to help Haiti today!

2. You can also contribute by writing a check that will help move Haiti forward! Please make checks payable to Executives Without Borders. Please send all checks to: Executives Without Borders, 21 Joseph Street, North Dartmouth, MA 02747.

I thank you for your time in learning about this project.  Just as being a team member on From Trash to Cash fell into place when I was searching for a way to help something bigger in the world, perhaps it will fit in with something you have been hoping to do as well.  Thank you so much in advance for all your support!

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