Featured Post by Matt DeJohn: Positions, Pressure Points, and Power Accumulators

Happy Summer everyone! Today I wanted to feature a post written by Matt DeJohn that I have used for reference numerous times.  Like within any specialized topic, there are certain references used to make communicating more effective and more universal.  A lot of golf swing conversations use references from Homer Kelley’s book The Golfing Machine[…]

Changing Knee Flexion and its Effects in the Backswing

Hope everyone is doing well! I had a few minutes the other day to film a video on a topic that’s been of some discussion recently. There are some great threads online talking about the role of knee flexion and its effects in the backswing.  Therefore, from my own experience teaching, reading and talking with golfers I[…]

A Lesson Learned: Finish your round strong (PGA.com)

This past week the PGA Tour made its way to the west coast of Florida where they teed it up on the Copperhead Course at the Innisbrook Resort.  The exciting 4-person playoff was a testament to a week of strategic planning and committed execution by the world’s best players. One characteristic of the Copperhead Course is the[…]

Social Media: A Golf Instruction Mindmeld Featuring Darren Hopwood (UK)

If you’re reading this you probably have some experience with social media… I know this because you have at least found the Internet =). Recently Darren Hopwood, PGA Head Professional at Penwortham Golf Club in the UK, offered the opportunity for me to contribute pieces for his coaching blog. I must pass on a very appreciative thank you[…]

How Power is Generated in the Stack & Tilt® Golf Swing

A handful of people recently asked me how power is generated in the Stack & Tilt® golf swing. I think it’s a great question and first asked it myself about 5 years ago. Since then I’ve been on a continued research project looking to improve my understanding of the topic. The journey has been very[…]