Golf Industry 2012: 72 Things We Learned!

One of the greatest strengths of the golf industry lies in the passion of those within it. Passion can be reflected in many ways; appearing mostly good and sometimes maybe not as much.  But mostly, I’d say passion is reflected in the pursuit of continual learning. So here it is, a list compiled via Facebook[…]

A Lesson Learned: Beat a buried lie (

Congrats to Keegan Bradley and JJ Henry who took home trophies yesterday while playing in their respective tour events! As we head into the PGA Championship week at Kiawah, I had the opportunity to reflect on Keegan’s win at the WGC Bridgestone.  Those of you who caught the telecast saw Keegan get up and down[…]

Featured Post by Matt DeJohn: Positions, Pressure Points, and Power Accumulators

Happy Summer everyone! Today I wanted to feature a post written by Matt DeJohn that I have used for reference numerous times.  Like within any specialized topic, there are certain references used to make communicating more effective and more universal.  A lot of golf swing conversations use references from Homer Kelley’s book The Golfing Machine[…]

7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – Junior Edition Showcase

Thank you those of you who tuned in to Twitter to see the 7 Nights at the Twitter Academy – Junior Edition last week! In case you missed it, below are the YouTube videos in the order they appeared. This time the Twitter Academy team focused on information pertinent to juniors and teaching junior golfers.  Please leave[…]